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Our Awards

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Here is our Awards page.
Hope you enjoy it!!!

After reviewing your site,
we are pleased to present you
with the
Market-Tek Design Award!


I was quite taken with your site.
It was more than qualified
to win my award,
the Elite Site Award.


The 5 Hearts Award is only given
to sites that show:
*Overall Design Quality
*Great Ability of Designer
*No porn or illegal activities
*No Warez or hackering stuff

best of the web

You site has everything
I look for in a web site.
It really was one of the
Best of the Web.


We have finished the judging process
for your site:
and we're very impressed.
Your site is certainly news worthy..

domain me

We have sent someone from our award staff
to your web site and
they have determined that your site
is Domain-Me Award For
Artistic Ability material!
We would like to congratulate you for all
the hard work you have obviously
put into your web site.


The Best Site Award
is our attempt to honor those
web designers who create truly
extraordinary web sites.


The purpose of our award is to pay tribute
to sites that are so great,
they make us throw back our heads and SCREAM!
This is a very selective award.
Members from our staff review each site
but only a few will win.

I took a gander at your site.
You know, to judge it for my award.
Your site was definitely better than
most of the drivel that applies for my award.
I wish more of the sites that apply for my award
were as good as yours.

you have won the Dark Site Award.
The Dark Site Award is another facet of our site.
We strive to give our award only to sites
that meet our high standards.


Hear Ye Hear Ye, you have hereby won the Juggling Balls
Award. You've rated 5 out of 5 juggling balls!


I have been giving out the Princess Wonder Award
for a very long time.
I only choose the very best web sites to give my award to.
Your site was terrific!

yellow tiger

I am writing to you today to let you know
that you have won the Yellow Tiger Award.
You have a special web site.
I am honored to give you my little award.
You deserve it!


Upon reviewing your web site
I have decided that it would be a fine addition
to our distinguished list of award winners.
You run an outstanding web site, one which you
can be very proud of. I applaud you.
Mr. Gerald Alfalk


Yes yes, you made Darrin say WOW!
And now you are part of a
select few that can claim that distinction.


It's a very great honor....
well its an honor...
well it SHOULD be an honor!
I really did like your site.
You've really got something there!
I almost wished I gave out a more
serious award because you deserve
to win a serious award.


Hi! My name is Lisa
I give out the Rainy-Day Award.
I really liked your web site
It was great!
Though it wasn't raining when I looked at
your site,
I still think you deserve my award!


This award is given only to sites
that we feel have a special
spark about them.
We only give our award out to sites
we think are original, cool,
easy to navigate, and have a purpose.
Your site fit the bill perfectly!
You have a very Hot Site!


I showed your site to my dog Nakor,
and he didn't growl, which is unusual
so you win.
You see, that's how I pick winners.
If Nakor growls at a site
(which he does quite often)
that site gets the boot
without hesitation!


I went to look at your site.
It was super!
And since I like your site so much
I want to give you my award!!!


As my web site says, not everyone
can win this award.
Your site has to be Crude Dude enough
to make me say...... "Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!"
And that takes quite a bit let me tell
you my friend!
Yep, you've got the stuff,
and now you've got the award!


Hi there... Welcome to my award,
the Devil Made Me Do It
Hot Site Award.
I give my award out to sites
that look good, load fast,
serve a real purpose,
don't yank me around with screwy site navigation,
and that don't contain anything illegal etc.
You site met all the criteria
for my award!


Hey hey,did you know that
you have a Rockin Site?
I was impressed with your sites:
- Layout
- Design
- Use of Colors
- Use of Graphics
All in all, You have a really groovin site
and I'm honored to give you my award.


It takes something special for us
to bestow the Best Site Of The Day Award.
Today, we selected your site as our winner.
You have a site to be proud of!!
Site of The Day


Your site has been selected as a
5 Star Award Winner!
Only the best receive 5 Stars,
and you are the best.

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